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We Can Help

Whether you find yourself in need, or someone you know is homeless, abused or addicted, WRM is here to help.

Rather than offering a handout, WRM offers a hand up through holistic programming (body, mind and spirit), counseling and the expression of Christian love by the dedicated ministry staff.

Through our faith-based, 12-step recovery program, WRM helps our guests by allowing them to address the problems that led to their crisis. Support and counseling in a structured and safe environment help provide our guests with the tools needed to attain successful independent living.

What We Offer

Meals are prepared in our kitchen daily for WRM guests and members of the community.

Shelter is available for those in distress at the New Life Center for men, and at the Transformation Center for women and children. All those in need of an overnight stay or a long-term program residency are welcome.

Clothing and other “gently used” household items are provided to our guests, WRM program graduates, and members of the community through Rescued Treasures Thrift Store. A voucher system ensures items are available at no cost for those in need. Laundry service is available 5 days a week for men, women and children in our Emergency Shelter Program.

Case Management is provided for men and women who are guests of WRM, as well as for some individuals from the community who desire to make positive life changes.

Pastoral Counseling is available to WRM guests through program directors, case managers, and our chaplains. WRM partners with human services agencies to meet the physical, mental, financial, and spiritual wholeness needs of our guests.