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The love YOU share gives neighbors like Evan hope for a better life…

“I was stuck between godliness and chaos,”


Evan says, describing his childhood with parents at opposite ends of the moral spectrum. At 10 years old, when his mother developed a chronic illness, he was forced to  care for his two younger siblings – and had to grow up way too fast.


To cope with the pressure and stress – and emulating older peers he was drawn to – he began drinking at age 12 and developed an addiction that plagued him for more than two decades. While he succeeded at treatment several times, he continued to rekindle his self-destructive ways… until finally he reached rock bottom.


Living in his truck or with friends, often ill from heavy drinking, he was electrocuted while working a construction job. He felt it was God’s way of getting his attention. “And He put it in my heart to come to WRM.”


“It was a good place to separate myself from the outside world.”


Influenced by his mother, Evan had always felt close to the Lord, and he embraced our faith-based Discipleship Recovery Program. “I’ve learned a whole different way to understand the Bible – what God wants me to do with my life and how to persevere through my struggles.”


Working in our kitchen is giving Evan an opportunity to pursue culinary skills he’s always dreamed of, while also bringing comfort to others who are struggling and broken as he once was. He plans to continue following the Lord’s direction by obtaining life-coaching certifications. “It is definitely something God has been calling me to do my whole life.”


Evan now has strength for his future because of your heart of compassion for him and other neighbors in need. Because you chose to share God’s love, he has a path forward in life. “It’s not financial success that I’m seeking at this point, it’s more of building my treasures with God and doing all things for His glory.”


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Evan Schear
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Help other people like Evan…

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Evan’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women find healing. Will you provide this help to others?

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