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Restorative Hospitality

The Wyoming Rescue Mission restores with the love of Christ those struggling with homelessness back to society as independent community members. Wyoming Rescue Mission will nurture sanctuaries of radical hospitality where the homeless and needy experience the transforming love of Jesus, thus propelling the church into the lead role of alleviating poverty in Wyoming.

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Our History

Soul’s Anchor
souls anchor shelter

The Wyoming Rescue Mission (WRM) began ministering to the homeless in 1978. Founded by Rev. Art Munchler, Soul’s Anchor, as it was then called, operated an emergency shelter from a storefront on CY Avenue.

Central Wyoming Rescue Mission
women's shelter

In 1991, Soul’s Anchor moved into the newly acquired and renovated Park Street Hotel and opened the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. Rev. Dan Gorman was hired as the new executive director in May of 1991.

Men’s Discipleship Program
faith based recovery program

In 1995, we purchased property across from the Park Street Hotel and placed on it two modular homes for the Discipleship Program, a Christ-centered transitional housing program for men. The Discipleship Program provided an opportunity to offer more in-depth services, in addition to basic emergency services. 

Rescued Treasures Thrift Store
rescued treasures thrift store

One year later, we opened Rescued Treasures Thrift Store to provide needed funding, as well as opportunities for program guests to learn valuable work skills and job readiness.

Women’s Transformation Center
best women's homeless shelter

Rev. Carl Wolosin took over as executive director in 1998. The growing population of women and children in need led to the opening of the Women’s Transformation Center in 2007. The center houses the women’s Emergency Services and Discipleship Recovery programs.

park street center

Brad Hopkins was hired as executive director in 2012. In 2017, we launched another needed expansion of our facilities and changed the name of our organization to Wyoming Rescue Mission, as we are blessed to serve the whole state of Wyoming.

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