Yeshua's Story

Yeshua started fighting at age 10, using alcohol at 15, and was shipped off to youth crisis and juvenile detention centers— one after another—because of his unruly behavior. When he turned 18 and was on his own, he rekindled his destructive habits. With no direction or plan for his future, he became depressed. He couldn’t hold a job, was sometimes homeless and tried to overdose on drugs to end his life. When he woke up in the hospital, he felt God’s presence and love. “But I was too blind to respond the right way,” he says, and his life continued to deteriorate.

Finally, after another failed suicide attempt earlier this year, he felt God calling him to WRM. “When I was told about the New Life Recovery Program and how it could help me, I joined right away,” he says. Although he’d learned about God as a child, he’d never developed a relationship with Him. “At WRM they teach you how to read the Bible and to pray. I’ve gotten back in touch with the Lord and I’m finding more purpose in being alive right now than I ever did in drugs and alcohol.” Still in the first phase of the program, he’s embracing our life-skills training, responsible living courses and spiritual guidance, and he believes the Lord is laying out a plan for him to be “a disciple of God and a fisher of men.” As his life is being healed, so is his relationship with his family, who are witnessing his steady transformation. “WRM has helped me see straight that life is so much better being sober,” Yeshua says, “learning from the Bible and walking in the footsteps of God.”

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