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Family Unity

When Shelly’s marriage ended and her husband went to prison, her life fell apart. She brought her three young children back to Casper to start over, and they moved in with her mother and brother. Soon she realized the environment wasn’t safe for her little ones because of her brother’s alcohol addiction. But she had nowhere else to go and no job to support herself and her children.

She contacted Wyoming Rescue Mission and was relieved to learn we had a private room available for her family and we would also provide food and other necessities until she got her life in order. Shelly quickly found a job at a local hotel and we guided her in using city bus routes to get to and from work. We also assisted her in applying for subsidized housing. Once she located an apartment, we provided her with household items from Rescued Treasures Thrift Store to set up her family’s new home.

Today she’s working hard to build a stable future for her children. She believes the time she spent at our Women's Transformation Center helped her grow as a mother and learn to put her children first. Today she gets up at 5:30 a.m. to prepare her family for the day. She puts the children on the bus to school, rides the bus to work herself, and then returns in time to welcome them home.

“The Mission helped me get back on my feet,” Shelly says. “They were a safe haven for me and my children. They prayed with me and gave me the guidance I needed when I needed it most. Who knows what would have happened to us if it hadn’t been for Wyoming Rescue Mission."