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"...I didn’t know how to do it on my own”

Nina’s life was broken. From the outside, few people could see how much effort it took to hold her peace of mind and dignity intact. But when her 20-year-old son was killed in a car accident, her spirit shattered completely. “I was a mess after he died,” she says. “I would sleep a lot and I didn’t want to go to work.” Severely depressed, she worried she would fall back to old ways she was trying hard to put behind her. Nina had been sexually abused as a child and again when she was a teenager. “For a long time I didn’t know it had become an addiction. I just knew I had issues that were preventing me from being the woman I wanted to be.”

She tried self-help books . . . counseling . . . therapy. But nothing made a difference. “I wanted to get better, but I didn’t know how to do it on my own,” she shares. God had always been part of Nina’s life, but she hadn’t faithfully followed Him. She was acquainted with members of our WRM staff, and over the years she’d heard but ignored the Lord’s call to seek help from our Christ-centered New Life Recovery Program for women. Finally, overwhelmed by grief—and fearing each time she went to sleep that she’d never get up again—she surrendered to the Lord.

She came to our Women’s Transformation Center. Nina believes the structure of our recovery program and the compassion of our staff and counselors are helping her heal emotionally and spiritually. “They encourage me to get out of bed, go to my classes and face the day, every day,” she says. Most importantly, her relationship with the Lord is being strengthened. “The Bible studies and devotions and being cared for in this loving Christian environment are helping me grow closer to Him, understand Him and make a bigger commitment to Him,” she shares. “It is who I am becoming in Him that is making me feel better about myself.” Her goal upon graduation is to continue to follow God’s call, working with women who have faced sexual abuse as she did.