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Safe and Heartwarming Place

Miriam and her husband struggled to pay the bills, which strained their relationship. Their marriage deteriorated and the two became physically and verbally abusive to one another.

Distressed by the woman she saw herself becoming, Miriam left home for a few days to let her emotions cool down and give the couple time to think things through. When she returned, she found her husband was gone and had given up their apartment. Miriam was homeless.

Because she had never worked outside the home, she had no job experience. An acquaintance took her in, and Miriam did household chores in return for room and board. Sadly, however, she felt threatened by another member of the family and was forced to leave. With no other alternative, she relied on the good graces of friends to offer their spare rooms, couches, floors or wherever they had space for her to sleep. But as time wore on, with no permanent solution in sight, she became increasingly depressed and disheartened.

Then a car accident nearly ended her life—and became the turning point for a new start. When she was released from the hospital she took a long walk, thanking God for her recovery and asking His guidance for her life. When she rounded the corner, she saw WRM.

“WRM is so much more than a shelter where you get food and a shower . . . it’s a revival at its fullest,” says Miriam, now a guest in our Women’s Transformation Center. She joined our New Life Recovery Program where she is growing closer to the Lord through Bible study, devotions and church attendance. In later phases of the curriculum she can get her GED and take part in classes like budgeting, nutrition and vocational training activities that empower homeless and struggling people to live independently.

Miriam believes God led her to WRM and through the staff’s compassion and guidance, she will find her purpose in life. “They inspire us to do better,” she says. “They don’t push you, they don’t nag you, they just talk with you in the sweetest way. They even give you a cuddly blanket when you arrive, and it feels like a hug from the Lord. They smile for us. They cry with us. They ask if we need prayer. It’s such a safe and heartwarming place.”