I Am Accepted

“If you didn’t drink, you didn’t fit in,” Kevin says. “That was just part of the job in the oil field.” The physical labor can take a toll too, and after 21 years, Kevin’s back went out. Unable to work, he became homeless. He lived in his car for nearly two months, coming to WRM for meals. Then he was arrested for drinking and driving and his car was impounded. When he was released from jail, he had nowhere to go. Familiar with our services he returned to WRM and we invited him to join our life-recovery program.  

Arriving with only the clothes on his back, he is grateful for the essentials we provide. “From deodorant to a toothbrush, it all sums up to awesome!” he says. He’s also amazed at the acceptance shown by our staff, modeling God’s love. 

“I believe God works in mysterious ways and it’s just taken me awhile to accept the fact that He was willing to help somebody like me,” Kevin says. “There are not a lot of people out there who are willing to help you and spend time with you and care about you like they do here. God bless this place.”

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