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John's Story

After battling addiction for more than 30 years, John was lived under a bridge in Kansas City. A divorce after ten years of marriage was the final straw.

John recounts, " I gave up on God and I gave up on myself. I took to heavy drinking and drugging to end the pain in my life. I was basically killing myself."

John's journey with the debilitating effects of alcoholism began early in life. His mother was chronically sick and his dad was gone in the military, so he and his brother were raised by his grandparents. Despite his grandparent's efforts, John got his first taste of beer and partying at the tender age of nine.

Years later when his wife left him, he gave up responsibility. John sold off his landscaping equipment, left his business, and lived on the streets. At first he felt free with no responsibility, but he felt horribly degraded as he panhandled his way to the next drink. His health got worse, John was in and out of jail and the hospital on public intoxication. Living on the streets was no picnic. Shot at, beat up, left for dead John cried to God for help.

A dear friend generously bought John a bus ticket to Casper in 2015, where John had an opportunity. But John's problems followed him. Wanting to get out of Casper to escape the new trouble he found, the bus broke down and the next day it was snowed in. John found his way to Wyoming Rescue Mission, just blocks away, a warm refuge from winter's fury.

Hearing about the Discipleship Recover Program, John enrolled. He was desperate to make a change. His first time in a Christ centered recovery program, he found life fulfillment. "I go to all the classes and study the Bible, and the desire to drink and use drugs is gone! I am grateful for the compassion of our staff and counselors who are guiding my recovery. With people like that who are truly on fire for the Lord, and with the Lord's help, I can't go wrong."

Through this one precious life, God restores and defines purpose for those homeless at Wyoming Rescue Mission. When a guest comes through our doors, broken and hopeless, they are greeted with love, respect and kindness that instill the value that we see in them as creations of God. We understand that an effort to instill value prepares the soil where seeds of hope can be planted and grown.

Restoring Lives, Defining Purpose is about the hope of a second chance, opportunity newly realized. Someone's son, daughter, or grandchild restored from isolated hopelessness to meaningful purpose.