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Eileen's Story

No mother wants to be separated from her children. But for Eileen, a former guest here at WRM, the greatest demonstration of her love was letting her children go.

Eileen grew up in a home where marijuana was used openly. “My parents smoked pot and I sat right in between them,” Eileen recalls. She smoked it herself throughout high school and was later introduced to meth and cocaine. As her drug use escalated her life spiraled downhill until she could hardly care for herself, let alone for her little ones.

A single mother, she relied on food stamps to keep her family fed and struggled to provide necessities like diapers and medical care. She was so caught up in her addiction that she allowed friends to use drugs in her home, causing her to worry even more about her children’s well-being and safety. “I loved them so much, but I just couldn’t bear to keep them living like that,” she shares. “So I asked their father to take them while I got my life together.” Sadly, that took years.

After giving up her children, she gave up all hope as well. Her addiction prevented her from holding a steady job and she often had nowhere to stay. “I wasn’t welcome in too many places,” she says, “even my mother’s home.” She tried several treatment programs and none made a permanent difference in her life. As she sat in jail after a felony arrest, she longed for her children and was ready to do anything necessary to get them back.

Finally, Eileen made her way to WRM and was so grateful for our emergency services. If you saw Eileen now, you’d never guess she’s the woman I’ve been telling you about. She’s happily married, owns her own home, is active in her church, and most importantly, she regained custody of her children who are now teenagers. “My life is awesome!” she says.