2019 Fishin' for the Mission:  DAYSD  HOURSH  MINUTESM  SECONDSS

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Our Leadership

Brad Hopkins – Executive Director

Brenda Thomson – Director of Finance & Administration

Denise Lyons-Kleemeyer – Director of Philanthropy

Becky Duffy – Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator

Abby Huck – Marketing & Events Manager

Dave Matthews – Director of Men’s Services

Jackie Pickinpaugh – Director of Women’s Services

Board of Directors

Bryce True, Chairman

Dr. Darren Divine, Vice Chairman

Laurie Johnson, Secretary

Ken Capasso, Treasurer

Josh Deacon, Member

Dr. Steve Orcutt, Member

Bob Lemmon, Member

Howard Andrews, Member

Eric Valdez, Member

Tim Adams, Member

Yvonne Wigington, Member