From Poor Choice to a Life Filled with Purpose

From the age of 18, Becky says, she was a lost and wayward child. “I met the wrong people… went to the wrong places… made the wrong choices,” she shares. Her self-destructive lifestyle included alcohol, marijuana and drugs. She moved from state to state, thinking she could change her ways. “But wherever I went, it was all the same,” she recalls.

Then one day, while she and a boyfriend were partying, he tried to kill her. When he was arrested and the police found out she’d been using meth, they sent her to a treatment center. From there, she came to Wyoming Rescue Mission.

“Coming to WRM opened a new avenue to everything I needed,” she says, “and most importantly, to God.”

Nervous and apprehensive at first, she began to read the Bible and soon embraced the faith-based foundation of our women’s recovery program. “It was like the wings of an angel touched my heart and opened my mind and ears to the love of Christ,” she says. After she graduated, she stayed on to work at the front desk of our Women’s Transformation Center, where she uses her own experience and spiritual gifts to bless and encourage others who are hurting.

“I talk to the women and listen, and I let them know that I was on their side of the desk once,” she says. In addition to her work at WRM, she’s also working on a degree in theology.

“I’m learning more about God so I can give more to those in need – so they can realize that, ‘Oh, wow, what Becky says is real!’”

Today, Becky is making better choices about everything in her life, thanks to the opportunities she has been given at WRM through gifts from friends like you. “If donors could see the hand of God reach down and touch any one of us who have been on the ‘poor side of the tracks’ and how much we need help to stay afloat, they’d know their every penny counts!”

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