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A Foundation for Life

At age 23, Jim was the youngest man to ever enter WRM’s long-term Discipleship Program. Known to friends and family as “Jimbo,” he didn’t battle substance abuse but instead battled habits and behaviors that prevented him from being responsible for his life and becoming the man God intended him to be.

Jimbo knew the Lord before coming to WRM. “I was baptized as a teenager and God performed fantastic miracles in my life,” he says. A mild form of cerebral palsy had tightened up the muscle in his leg and he endured many years of painful medical treatment. “I’ve been blessed by God and the surgeons who worked on my leg and now I’m walking as normally as anyone.”

But after a divorce destroyed his self-esteem, strained his relationship with his family and forced him to see the hopeless man he was becoming, he had nowhere to go. He describes his homelessness as “spiritual and emotional” as well as physical, and knew he needed to rekindle his relationship with the Lord to rebuild a foundation for his life. At his parents’ suggestion, he came to WRM.

“The Discipleship Program taught me to be more humble and to live with integrity in everything I say and do. Even if no one is looking or paying attention, God sees and hears you,” Jimbo says. He graduated a year ago, lives on his own, works as a driver for our Rescued Treasures Thrift Store and has healed his relationship with his loved ones. He is grateful for the tools he gained in our care, which help him maintain a solid footing through life’s challenges. “Life can be a battlefield,” he says. “There are things that can hurt you and I use what I learned at the Mission—the studies and reliance on God’s Word—to help myself.”

Jimbo also enjoys sharing what he learned with those he meets. “In my work at the thrift store, I’m working for God and the opportunity to show what He has done in my life,” he says. And he encourages others who need a new foundation: “Put your life in the Lord’s hands and give Him an opportunity to change it.”

"The Discipleship Program taught me to be more humble and to live with integrity in everything I say and do."