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Your donation can help those in need! Please click on the button below to find out more.


Thanksgiving with Wyoming Rescue Mission

You can help set a place at the Thanksgiving table for the homeless and hurting individuals in your community.

Most of us have the privilege of spending Thanksgiving with our family and friends. For many, Thanksgiving is just

another day with nowhere to go and nothing to eat. This Thanksgiving, those of us with much to be thankful

for have the unique opportunity to be the family to those with so little.

Thanksgiving shouldn't have to be just another day. Everyone should be able to pull up a chair, enjoy a special

meal. Help us set one more place at our table by donating this Thanksgiving.

$2.15 gives Thanksgiving dinner to someone in need, and helps them know they are never forgotten.

This Thanksgiving, our guests will include those who are homeless, parents struggling to provide for their children, lonely senior citizens, individuals battling addiction, and people joining us for the first time who never imagined they'd need our help.

You and I know what a real blessing it is to spend Thanksgiving with our family and friends.

Imagine what a Thanksgiving meal means to those who have been hungry and lonely for months.

Wyoming Rescue Mission is preparing to serve more than 11,000 meals this Thanksgiving.

Please, give a meal for $2.15 to one of the men, women, and children we plan on celebrating with this year.

Consider starting a new Thanksgiving tradition with your family and friends by volunteering at Wyoming Rescue Mission. Our Thanksgiving Feast will be held on Wednesday, November 27th, at 11:30am. Our kitchen is in search of volunteers for the week of Thanksgiving.

Call Becky Duffey at (307) 265-3002 to learn more.

Wyoming Rescue Mission Discipleship Program guests will be taking Thanksgiving food boxes to low-income families.

Items needed include



Dinner rolls

Green bean casserole items

Box stuffing mix

Canned yams

and more

Please bring Thanksgiving food donations to 230 N. Park Street or call (307) 265-3002 with any