Donating New Items

More often than not, when people come through our doors all they have are the clothes on their back and a few personal items. A fresh clean towel, a soft pillow, these are just a couple of the little things that help our guests know that they are loved and respected. 
When you donate a new item you help provide a sense of comfort and belonging to a guest who has come in alone, hungry and struggling. In addition you help offset the cost of necessary items we must purchase, allowing more money to go towards the programs and services we provide.


  •  Fresh fruits & veggies
  •  Milk, Cheese, Eggs (USDA approved)
  •  Coffee and Filters
  •  Paper Towels
  •  Napkins


  •  Bus Tokens / Phone cards
  •  Work Gloves
  •  Latex Gloves (Large)
  •  Laundry-soap pods
  •  Trash Can Liners (All sizes)


  •  Toilet Paper (We go through a lot)
  •  Kleenex
  •  Women's Sanitary Products
  •  Underwear and Socks

Program Houses

  •  Bath Towels (Neutral Colors)
  •  Washcloths
  •  Twin Sheet Sets
  •  Pillows

New items listed above can be dropped off anytime at 230 N. Park

We are ALWAYS in need of cleaning supplies of all types: Disinfectant wipes and spray, bleach, window, toilet bowl cleaners, etc...

Donating Used Items

Typically all used items donated will be utilized in our Rescued Treasures Thrift Store to be sold or provided to guests and low-income families through our voucher program. 100% of all revenue generated through the sale of donated items benefit the transformational programs and services we provide.

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