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POSITION OPENING – Men's Shelter Associate


POSITION: Shelter Associate

RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to the Shelter Manager


The Shelter Associate acts as a facilitator for WRM’s guests, volunteers, and visitors applying WRM’s guidelines, policies and procedures in a kind, considerate and impartial manner, while also functioning as an on-site caretaker of the facility and property. As most people’s first point of contact with WRM, the Shelter Associate must be able to reflect who WRM is in Christ through their actions, and words. This position is Non-Exempt.



    1. Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and confesses Him as their personal Lord and Savior. (John 3:16, Acts 4:12)
    2. Endeavors to live a Godly life in public and private, thereby providing a Christian role model for those we seek to reach. (1 Peter 1:13-16)
    3. Agrees with the WRM Statement of Faith.


    1. Must have high school diploma or equivalent.
    2. Outstanding customer service skills.
    3. Effective communication skills.
    4. Proficient in Microsoft Office products.
    5. Time management and planning abilities.



  1. Grow spiritually in the Lord through prayer, memorization, meditation and study of the Word, and unity in Christian fellowship. (2 Peter 1:5-8, 2 Peter 3:18)
  2. Be a consistent witness for Jesus in attitude, speech, and actions demonstrating a daily walk with Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 4:1-3, Ephesians 5:3-5)
  3. Encourage guests, and volunteers, to accept God’s gift of salvation and grow in their faith. (Romans 15:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:11,14)
  4. Join in corporate worship and instruction with an external group of believers whose beliefs are in agreement with the WRM Statement of Faith. (Colossians 3:16, Hebrews 10:24-25)
  5. Faithfully uphold WRM’s ministry in prayer. (1 Timothy 2:1)


  1. Act as an advocate for the homeless, poor, and marginalized raising the awareness of the causes, needs, and potential of those in poverty.
  2. Maintains a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of WRM.
  3. Answer the phone and take messages according to WRM procedures and follow Federal confidentiality guidelines when discussing WRM guests with a phone or face-to-face inquiry.
  4. Conduct an intake interview/orientation with each new guest that wishes to stay at WRM in a kind, understanding and sensitive manner. Ensure guests sign all appropriate forms, provide designated copies to the guest and complete all remaining paperwork and data entry. File all paperwork appropriately.
  5. Make sure that all new guest file folders contain a complete set of the latest forms and input all information into the program software.
  6. Listen, assess and evaluate the presenting needs of individual guests of WRM and make the proper referral(s) to meet those needs in a kind, caring and understanding way. Access off-site staff advice via the phone when in doubt.
  7. Allow guests to self-administer their prescription medications at the appropriate times. Observe that guests take ONLY the number of pills prescribed. Record this information in the medication log. Inform the appropriate Case Manager when meds are not being taken as prescribed.
  8. Record the time and pertinent situations neatly in the staff log book. Entries should include but are not limited to: a daily log-in; a daily log-out; grounds checks; and all other significant activity. These may include dealings with troublesome guests; maintenance issues; upcoming activities on the next shift; communication with rest of the Shelter Associates; special needs or items to be ordered; and the like. Communicate directly with individual guests’ case managers regarding specific issues or problems a guest is exhibiting.
  9. Conduct random UA/BA’s when instructed by supervisor or administrative staff or when deemed necessary. Handle hot UA/BA’s according to WRM policy.
  10. Complete incident reports anytime the police are called as well as any other incident that is important for administrative staff to be aware of. Copies are to be placed in the Case Manager’s, Shelter Associates, and Director’s boxes at the front desk.
  11. Record and place copies of pertinent information concerning individual guests in the guest’s file.
  12. Security concerns: Conduct regular yet random security checks inside and outside the buildings and grounds. Record security checks in the staff log book.
  13. Maintain the building in a neat, clean and uncluttered condition.
  14. Supervise guest work therapy/chores as assigned.
  15. All other tasks as assigned by Shelter Manager or Program Director.

Note: Ability to travel locally and statewide is required with limited out of state travel.