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POSITION OPENING – Marketing & Events Coordinator


POSITION: Marketing & Events Coordinator

RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to the Director of Advancement


The Marketing & Events Coordinator provides awareness to the public about the issues of poverty and homelessness, inviting the community to participate in the Christ-centered solutions offered at Wyoming Rescue Mission through involvement in events, volunteering, prayer, and financial support. This position is Full-Time Exempt.



  1. Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and confess Him as their personal Lord and Savior. (John 3:16, Acts 4:12)
  2. Endeavor to live a Godly life in public and private, thereby providing a Christian role model for those we seek to reach. (1 Peter 1:13-16)
  3. Agree with the WRM Statement of Faith.


    1. Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year university, in such fields as marketing, communications, business administration, or equivalent experience required.
    2. 2+ years in event planning/communications preferred.
    3. Excellent people skills.
    4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    5. Effective leadership abilities.
    6. Competency in Adobe Creative Suite/Canva
    7. Competency in Website Content Management Systems
    8. Competency in Facebook Page/Instagram Management



  1. Grow spiritually in the Lord through prayer, memorization, meditation and study of the Word, and unity in Christian fellowship. (2 Peter 1:5-8, 2 Peter 3:18)
  2. Be a consistent witness for Jesus in attitude, speech, and actions demonstrating a daily walk with Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 4:1-3, Ephesians 5:3-5)
  3. Encourage guests, staff, volunteers, and customers to accept God’s gift of salvation and grow in their faith. (Romans 15:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:11,14)
  4. Join in corporate worship and instruction with an external group of believers whose beliefs agree with the WRM Statement of Faith. (Colossians 3:16, Hebrews 10:24-25)
  5. Faithfully uphold WRM’s ministry in prayer. (1 Timothy 2:1)


  1. Act as an advocate for the homeless, poor, and marginalized by raising the awareness of the causes, needs, and potential of those in poverty.
  2. Maintain a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of WRM.
  3. Event Management Responsibilities:
    1. Maintain an annual calendar of events including both internal and key community events.
  4. Manage all WRM events to effectively and winsomely represent the work of WRM and meet attendance & fundraising goals for the events.
  5. Develop and cultivate volunteer committees to plan and execute signature fundraising events for accomplishing event goals.
  6. Develop planning benchmarks for events with adequate advance scheduling of all needs related to the event including key note participants, printed materials, and event location.
  7. Responsible for procurement of sponsorships, lead gifts, and in-kind donated gifts for events.
  8. Organize relational events for key donors to strengthen key partnerships.
  9. Increase awareness for businesses and individuals to host beneficiary events.
  10. Coordinate beneficiary events including providing adequate marketing support, management of collection bins, and ensure fiscally responsible transfer and documentation of donations to Finance Department.
  11. Public Awareness Responsibilities:
    1. Provide public relations for all tv, radio, and print outlets, including coordinating interviews of appropriate staff and guests, and giving tours. Manage and maintain a very close relationship with all news and media staff members.
  12. Manage WRM electronic presence including website, and social media, in coordination with direct mail/marketing partner.
  13. Utilize strategies to increase electronic presence in order to further the goal of general public awareness of poverty, homelessness, and WRM.
  14. Manage all advertising through tv, radio, print, billboards and online for WRM and Rescued Treasures.
  15. Collateral Management Responsibilities:
    1. Coordinate design of printed materials i.e. annual reports, brochures, real help cards, flyers, stuffers, letterhead, envelopes and any type of documentation needed to promote WRM programs and events.
  16. Manage ordering, distribution and stock of printed materials.
  17. Ensure consistent appearance, messaging, and quality of collateral with direct mail vendor.
  18. Donor Database Administration:
    1. Knowledge of donor database, including ensuring the accuracy and integrity of donor information in coordination with Finance department.
  19. Work with Donation Administrator to maintain coding for funds, campaigns, approaches and other user defined fields.
  20. Provide analytical data such as ROI of direct mail, acquisition, giving momentum, zip code effectiveness, and statistical reports in coordination with Donations Administrator.
  21. Create reports as requested by Executive Director and Director of Advancement.
  22. Direct Mail & Marketing:
  23. Manage relationship with Direct Marketing vendor to implement a quality marketing strategy that increases the awareness of WRM.
  24. Manage all aspects of Direct Mail including: approving copy, review process, and invoice approvals.
  25. Coordinate edit approvals and deadlines for all direct mail, newsletters, e-appeals, social media post, advertisements and other outward facing collateral.
  26. Other Responsibilities:
  27. Provide financial responsibility for donation mail: receive, count, and provide total to Donation Administrator daily.
  28. All other tasks as assigned by the Director of Advancement.
  29. Annual attendance Direct Mail Conference: Brewer Direct Institute.

Note: Ability to travel locally and statewide is required with limited out of state travel.